In the middle of the night I scrolled through Facebook while I couldn’t sleep. I came across a post from a fellow photographer that really got me thinking (which is a dangerous thing for me in the middle of the night). Right then and there I wrote down my feelings. I don’t always share my deep thoughts online, but it’s my hope that this reaches someone who needs to know they are successful. 

It’s always easy to find ways to compare yourself and your success with the success of others, but finding reminders that your success isn’t the same as someone else’s is tough. After 2020, it could be really easy to look at my business and bank account and see failure. It’s easy to see other photographers posting their hundreds of sessions and read their captions about how busy they are. However when I look back at this year, I have to remind myself that it’s been my very best year yet!

I housed and grew a tiny human. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I got to spend so much precious time with my husband, my family, and my baby girl. These days with Dani Faye are priceless, and I do my very best to be present with her and savor these moments.

If doing less means more time with my little family, that’s success for me.

It’s my hope that my clients feel the same way. A good friend of mine who is in the same stage in life with her sweet babe said, “The days are slow, but the weeks go by so very fast.” That’s why I love photographing my girl and our family so often. I want to remember these sweet moments. Yes, I do have to put my camera down and just be present sometimes, but the photos of us will bring back those memories made in the moment. That is my hope for all my clients. I want to capture you where you are in life so that looking at your photos takes you back and allows you to live in that memory for just a little while.

Here are a few images that take me back to such wonderful memories of Dani Faye’s early days.


January 15, 2021



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